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I was recently contacted by the Owner of OX Pasture Hall Hotel, a luxury country hotel in Yorkshire, to enjoy a night in one of their Suites and have dinner in the Restaurant. As it was close to my boyfriends birthday I thought what better reason than to visit and celebrate the occasion in Scarborough. It has become a bit of a tradition to book a hotel for each of our birthdays and this invite came just at the right time. 

From Nottingham to Scarborough it was a simple but long train journey via Leeds on the way there and Sheffield on the way back. *TIP* If you are planning on getting a train always check how much the tickets would be on each journey instead of a complete trip; by booking a train from Nottingham > Leeds > Scarborough and Scarborough > Sheffield > Nottingham we managed to save around £200!

From the train station to the hotel it was less than 10 minutes and we were greeted on arrival by a very warm and welcoming Restaurant Manager, Paul. I signed the registration form and off we went to Room 3. Being February in the Yorkshire Dales it wasn't the warmest of days and you could tell this from the bitter wind and frost over the beautiful grounds. With views for miles and the opportunity to watch an amazing sunset we were blown away by the serene ambience this hotel radiates. As mentioned, February isn't the warmest of months to go to the countryside and the corridor leading to the room definitely reminded us of this. As we entered the room we noticed the heating may not have been turned on prior to our arrival and immediately turned up the radiators. After taking a look around the room I began to question if this was the luxury suite as mentioned when booking the stay; as this was a complimentary visit for review purposes I didn't want to fuss too much and double checked with Paul as to whether the room type was correct and requested a heater. I was assured this was the luxury suite as booked and a portable heater was delivered promptly - at this point we all agreed the heating was not working which was clarified by the lack of hot water too. Paul being the friendly host sent us some coffees and warming brandy to help us get a little more comfortable.

As pleasant as the room was we became a bit too cold and decided to get changed and head to the bar which benefits from a beautiful log burning fire - heaven! The bar at OX Pasture Hall Hotel has a very cosy and country style atmosphere and we were even offered a table for dinner in front of the fire. Deciding to truly experience all the hotel has to offer we declined the fireside table and opted to dine in the 2 Rosette Award winning Restaurant. As a vegan guest the chef really did go above and beyond as I was given my own menu to dine from for the evening and was wowed by the variety and flavours he had managed to create. With a wonderful bottle of Prosecco we ordered our food and were shown to our intimate table in the fine dining restaurant. 

Bread was served to the table initially, butter for the boyfriend and delicious rosemary olive oil for the vegan; along with the most amazing amuse bouche I have ever tasted consisting of lemon and rocket - I couldn't stop raving about this whilst sipping to cleanse my palette! 

For Starters I went for the Fan of Avocado served with Asparagus and Tomato Chutney, who would have thought that tomato chutney would go so well with perfectly fresh avocado. This was a brilliantly light starter and was just enough to get me ready for my Main Course. Mushroom Risotto - as a vegan I always expect this option when looking at a menu but the vast array of mushrooms used and the perfect consistency of the risotto meant this was the one of the best I have ever eaten. 

Pre-Dessert was a vegan version of their Whisky Sour Mango Sorbet, this usually comes served with cream however was delicious just the way they served it to us. Finally Dessert! This can always be difficult when you're vegan as everything normally has milk or egg in. Again, the chef did well and I went for Red Wine Poached Pear with a Winter Berry Compote. This was perfect for the time of the year we were visiting and again was just the perfect amount to finish the meal. 

After our delicious meal we went back to the bar to finish our wine and get the update that our room should be warming up with hot water now. Further apologies from Paul came with a nightcap of our choice, being the boyfriends birthday and a special occasion we both went with warming scotch - Highland Park for him and Singleton for me. At around 9:30pm we decided to call it a night and head back to our room. There was still no heating or hot water and the power had gone from the living room and bathroom areas. Another call to Paul resulted in us moving rooms at 10:30pm with reassurance this room was warm with hot water. On the way to this room Paul explained he had moved us to a Honeymoon Suite - which was lovely but confirmed my initial suspicions that the first room we were allocated was not the room initially offered or indicated on the registration form. This room did have hot water and heating but we were too tired to properly appreciate the luxury offerings and headed straight to the land of nod. 

After a wonderful nights sleep we enjoyed the beautiful bathroom, huge bathtub and waterfall shower whilst getting ready for a Yorkshire Breakfast. Lyndsey, the General Manager, was there to greet us and apologise for the occurrence the night prior which was lovely. Again, the chef had gone the extra mile creating a delicious vegan cooked breakfast with the added extra of baked beans - apparently not a usual sight on a traditional Yorkshire breakfast! 

We gathered our belongings and checked out ready for a stroll around the Scarborough coast and to reenact some childhood memories on the 2p machines! As we visited in February not all of the amusements were open however, the coast looked beautiful and there were still some arcades for us to wander into. Taking a walk along the promenade is a great way to explore Scarborough, lined with arcades, fish and chip restaurants (for you omnivore and pescetarian readers) and tourist gift shops. I can imagine in the Summer this coast is very busy with local holidaymakers and local residents enjoying the sound of the crashing waves and smell from the local restaurants and food stalls. 

Scarborough also has a small shopping area meaning you can wonder around the shops on your way back to the train station. We didn't have time for shopping but it only took us 15 minutes to walk from the coast to the train station and take a look at Scarborough as first time visitors. Scarborough isn't a large town but for a short seaside break there is plenty to do. It is home to Europe's largest open air theatre and for families there are lots of attractions such as the Mini Monsterz outdoor play area and regular Boat Trips around the coast. Once back at the train station it wasn't long before we were headed back to Nottingham and back to our regular everyday life. 

Overall, our experience of Scarborough and OX Pasture Hall Hotel was average. I can only imagine that had we been given the correct room in the first instance than our views would have been different. It also didn't make sense to us that the best room was not initially allocated as we were told we were the only guests booked into the hotel that evening. This might sound ungrateful but from a hotel perspective you wouldn't allocate your Standard Double Rooms when your Suites are empty. 

I also couldn't help but notice the rates for that evening did not reflect the low occupancy and during the colder low season months I would have expected better rate management to attract more customers; I am only hoping these are not the off-peak rates as I am not sure higher rack rates could be justified. The restaurant was amazing and the chefs definitely deserve their 2 Rosette Award however, the service and hotel needed more attention. As a luxury hotel I would expect a napkin to be with the bottle of Prosecco and high level dusting was obviously an issue in all areas of the building (some dusty drawers were also found in Room 3). Attention to detail in a hotel which offers rooms starting at £135 for a Single should be high on the list of priorities here. 

In the Summer I believe this may be a great hotel and the grounds beautiful for the setting of an outdoor wedding. In the Winter season though OX Pasture Hall Hotel seems to become dormant like its surroundings in Scarborough. 

OX Pasture Hall Hotel, Scarborough, North York Moors National Park, North Yorkshire YO12 5TD
Tel: 01723365295 Email: info@oxpasturehallhotel.com


  1. Your photos are absolutely divine! :D I enjoy how we got the same suite to stay in too, wasn't it just pretty? It'd be the perfect place for a girly weekend (hint!)

    Emmie xx

    1. Thank you Emmie! Yes it is such a pretty place :-) x

  2. I really loved staying at the hotel. It's a shame you had an issue with the room! Mines was great and well caters for! The food and views are perfect xx

    1. Yes the food was amazing and they catered well for me being a vegan. Glad you enjoyed your stay though it is a very pretty venue x



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