Goodbye 2015 - Hello 2016!


2015 saw my life change in many ways and led me on an exciting path to 2016 and my future. I thought I would recap what happened in 2015 and share some exciting prospects for what may be coming in the near future!


Last year saw me finish University and graduate with a First Class Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Service Sector Management. After working hard for two of the three years (no one tries in their first year) at University I pushed through and achieved an amazing First! I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wishing to pursue a career in the service sector as you gain all skills for general business management, entrepreneurship and you can focus your studying to one specific area you are interested in. For me I focused on Hotel Management and wrote my dissertation on Customer Engagement for Small Businesses. This really helped to lay the foundations of knowledge towards my future career plans and I was able to work and gain experience in-between attending lessons.

During my last year of University I also reached my first year blog birthday. This was a huge achievement for myself as I was trying to enhance my blog as well as starting and finishing my third year of studying and writing my dissertation. 

After finishing University (gosh how often can I say University in this post) I decided to leave the job I was in and return to my previous place of work after it was sold and under new management. This saw me take a step up the career ladder and in the right direction to one day being a Hotel Manager (oh a girl can dream.....and succeed). 

2015 was also the year I became vegan! This was a big decision but also easy decision for me to make. Like many other bloggers I love watching YouTube videos and have done for about 7 years now. One of my favourite YouTubers and someone I found in 2015 is Kalel - a fellow vegan. I had already given up milk because of research about how we get milk and didn't really eat a lot of meat; then after watching this video by Kalel and then this video and then this video I decided to give up animal products all together. There are a lot of videos out there and documentaries that explain and show the truth behind what many of us don't want to know happens e.g. factory farms. After watching videos and reading more information it was obvious to me that I shouldn't eat any animal products and to me this makes me a lot happier. I don't preach being vegan to anyone as this is a personal choice but I would recommend everyone to watch a few videos just to become a little less naive as to where their animal products come from. 

Finally, 2015 also saw the 3 year anniversary of myself and my boyfriend. We have been saving for a while now and the end of 2015 saw us discuss our savings and see a mortgage advisor...eeek! We are young at the minute but won't be young forever and living with parents is definitely something we don't want to do anymore. After both getting a bit of a promotion we are now in the place to take the next step and move in together - it really can't some soon enough! 


So obviously the first exciting prospect for 2016 is that we will buy a house! This is such an exciting thought and watch out for homeware and home decor posts on the blog. I am always browsing Rightmove everyday (it has become part of my routine) and can't wait to start viewing houses in the next month or two. 

We haven't been on holiday for a while and always spoke about going to America as our big dream. Neither of us have been to America and we want the first time to be together (so soppy) so.... 2016 looks like the year we might just be going! I have been browsing the sales on British Airways and Virgin Atlantic and the West Coast could be on the cards. This would be an achievement for both of us and adds to the exciting plans!

To round off 2016 I would love to get more active in general by joining Yoga and also more active blogging now I don't have to write any reports for University! In general 2016 will see more focus more on me being healthy and happy and achieving a lot of life goals. 

Leave me comments on what your 2016 looks like and if you have any requests for blog posts! xx


  1. aww congrats on graduating with such an amazing mark! you must be so made up! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. Thank you! Was really proud of myself haha your blog is great too x

  2. your year sounds so exciting! good luck with the house and holiday and have a great one :) x

    1. Thank you!! Fingers crossed it all goes to plan.... Your recent holiday to Asia looked amazing too! x



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