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I was recently introduced to St Kitts Herbery through the gifting website The Bloggers Hangout. After browsing their website I was lucky enough to receive some a sample of some of their most popular scents.

St Kitts Herbery was founded by Susan & Paul Johnson in North Cornwall in 2001 and they opened their first store and workshop in 2003. They produce luxury toiletries using the finest ingredients and are made using their skills and expertise gained over the years. They make everything from shampoo and conditioner to preserves and chocolates. Just last year they opened their second store in Cardiff, Wales.

I received three of their bestselling scents as sample perfumes - Summer Rose, Mist and Rosemary & Bergamot. They are each distinctive and each have scents unlike any other perfume I have tried before.

Summer Rose

'Fruity, floral and fabulous. The divine scent of summer' 

This perfume is feminine and floral but unlike other floral perfumes I have tried doesn't have that powdery slightly old person smell. This perfume is literally like walking through a rose garden and has a slight citrus lemon scent which makes sure this perfume isn't too sweet. It is light and definitely can be worn as a day to day perfume.


'Elusive, vivacious and light. Capture the moment. For men & women'

Ah Mist. This is a perfume which is light and not at all overpowering. It has a slight lemon and citrus note to it, the same as Summer Rose, but also has a fresh herb garden undertone. This scent is definitely noticeable but will have everyone asking you what scent you are wearing. It has a slight musk smell which means combined with the herbs and lemon this is perfect for both men and women.

Rosemary & Bergamot

'Our signature fragrance. Alluring, fresh and vibrant. For him & her'

This is the scent I thought I would love the most. I adore rosemary and bergamot and thought together in a perfume this could be amazing. It is amazing and has a slight spicy and typical masculine scent which is quite strong but doesn't come across heavy when sprayed onto skin. I would say this is more of a scent for men than women and reminds me of a scent my Dad would wear.

After trying all of the scents I decided to get a bit experimental and overlap them. As I really wanted to make Rosemary & Bergamot a scent that was less masculine and more feminine I initially applied Summer Rose over the top. This created a more subtle scent and the citrus notes in the Summer Rose scent brought out the bergamot in the Rosemary & Bergamot scent. My favourite combination was Mist with Rosemary & Bergamot. The fresh herbs and citrus notes of Mist meant that they both complimented each other so well and made the perfume more of an evening scent combined with the warm notes of Rosemary & Bergamot.

Overall, I would say that Mist could be my new signature scent and I have already been browsing the selection on their website to see what I should buy!

Let me know if you have tried St Kitts Herbery or will be now you have read this! xx

St Kitts Herbery Camelford, Cornwall PL32 9XH Tel: 01840 213 442
Twitter: StKittsHerbery

I received these perfume samples for review purposes however all opinions are my own.

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