Halloween Movie Night #screamhomes || 2015


It is getting colder, the leaves are falling and nights are drawing in. Before we get to Christmas though there is another holiday to celebrate...Halloween! 

I love a good Halloween scary night or party and getting in the horror vibe whilst watching scary movies! I have always loved horror films, especially the classics like Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween and now I am an adult I like to think of new ways to celebrate the holiday. This year I got together with my sister to have a double date movie night complete with decorations.

Decorations can be a nightmare at Halloween (see what I did there) and there is always so much in the shops to choose from - which can get expensive. There was only 4 of us for the evening so I thought I would try not to go too over the top whilst also having some quirky things to decorate the room with. Of course spiderwebs complete with fake spiders were a must to drape over lights, tables, mirrors and just about everywhere else it can stick to - although I said not over the top I did get 2 packs of the webs to make sure everywhere was covered!
I managed to find some great things this year that looked a bit different, starting with the glittery Happy Halloween sign from John Lewis. This looks great and can be hung from doors or windows or just propped on tables as part of the decor like I did. Sainsbury's had some great things which is where I got the bloody handprints and light up pumpkin from. These were reasonably prices and just gave that extra horror feeling - the pumpkin also came in a large size perfect for window displays!
Finally, I wanted to add a bit of luxury to the evening and thought what better than a colour coordinated Yankee Candle! Yankee Candle always bring out Halloween collections each year but I went with a Frankincense scent. This scent is actually quite  warming with hints of cinnamon but also fresh and fruity undertones too. It is a burnt orange colour and adds that extra touch with an amazing smell to your Halloween evening in front of the telly. If you don't want to buy a candle you could alternatively buy some wax melts and a halloween melter which would look great too!

After decorating the room we put the first Nightmare on Elm Street film on (not exactly a scary film in the 21st century but a classic) ordered some takeaway and enjoyed the atmosphere. For dessert I served Booja Booja Vanilla "nice-cream" made from cashew nuts and some dark chocolate broken on top. 

If you are looking for a more low key Halloween evening with friends or family then why not recreate this night with your own decoration and personal touches! Horror inspired food and drink can always be found online and on Pinterest too.

Let me know what you have planned for Halloween xx

This post was sponsored by Ocean Finance as part of their #screamhomes campaign however all opinions are my own. 

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