Alcatel Fashion Show - Clothes Show Live 2014


It has been just over a week since I visited Clothes Show Live in Birmingham and I thought I would share with you the pictures of the Alcatel Fashion Show for those of you who may not have gone. 

If you don't already know what the Clothes Show Live is, it is almost like a trade fair but for the public. It is held at the NEC in Birmingham and is an exhibition for fashion, beauty and hair brands to showcase their products and for people to buy them. There are usually goody bags and a few celebrities dotted about too. This year bloggers/vloggers were given a 'celebrity' status as well known YouTubers were listed as attending. I'm sure you all know Jim Chapman, Alfie Deyes and Fleur De Force!? 

All attendees are given a seat for one of the 45 minute shows that are held throughout the day and this showcases high street, couture and also items by university fashion students. It is a high speed almost dance version of a fashion show and is always fun to watch and see the clothes at the same time. I did my best to get clear images with all the dancing but hopefully you enjoy!

Let me know if you went to the Clothes Show Live or if you are thinking of going in the future! xx

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