Feeling Festive at Nottingham's Christmas Market 2014


It is that time of year again, Christmas Market time! Nottingham's Christmas Market has been open for over a week now and so I thought it was about time I took a trip into the city centre and had a look at what is there. Nottingham hold their market in the Market Square part of the city centre, which is located outside of the Council House. It was recently modified and upgraded a few years ago and is now the perfect place for the Christmas Market. For the past couple of years there has also been an outdoor ice rink for families, couples and friends to skate around whilst listening to Christmas music and having a really good evening. The theme for the Christmas Market is always 'Old English' and has lots of little wooden cabins with snow covered rooftops and men and women in traditional coats and top hats selling gifts and food items.
A little like the Goose Fair in Nottingham, there is always yummy treats to purchase and take home as a souvenir. Treats on offer this year include; traditional pancakes, chocolate covered fruit, fudge and chewy cables. As you can see there is also a large selection of flavours of the fudge for everyones inner child to get sugar crazy about, such as Mince Pie flavour and also Vodka Red Bull flavour! As I write this I am also nibbling on some Watermelon flavour cables...for breakfast *tut tut*.
It's not a Christmas Market without German sausages and burgers! There are Traditional Sausages, German Sausages, Beef Burgers and Pigs in Blankets .... to name a few. Lots of lovely smells and tastes for everyone to experience and enjoy. Jensen chose the Hot and Spicy hotdog whilst I went for the Wild Boar burger. Yum Yum Yum.
Who can resist hot mulled wine or hot apple cider?? No one! That is why every year there are two individual bars for the public to relax and have a drink at. There is the traditional wooden house bar next to the outdoor ice rink and also, the bar situated under a Helter-Skelter! Each one houses the same selection of cold and hot drinks and there are benches and blankets to sit down and keep warm. As you can see I couldn't stop myself from indulging in a Mulled Wine - a little expensive for the size of the cup but that is what the market is all about, Christmas music and festive spirit.

Let me know if you have been to any Christmas Markets this year or if you have been to Nottingham's! xx


  1. Nottingham Christmas market looks beautiful. i love German Sausages and mulled wine at christmas time. Makes me feel all festive. Looks and sounds like you had a great time




    1. Yes it's always a good market to wonder around and listen to Christmas music at. I love this time of year and especially the mulled wine!



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