Dine with Wine at Le Bistrot Pierre, Nottingham


Le Bistrot Pierre, 13-17 Milton Street, NG1 3EN (0115) 941 2850

I have been away from blogging lately because of the workload from Uni (final year!) but it has slowed down a little now so I thought I would share my recent visit to Le Bistrot Pierre with you all. 

Twice a month (except for December) they hold a Dine with Wine evening where you can have a three course meal each paired with wine for £27.95 or £22.95 for two courses. I went along with the boyfriend to see if it was any good as we have eaten here a few times but never with this menu. They put the menus online for the whole year so I would advise having a look before you choose which evening to go to as the menu is different each time. I have also noticed there is little choice for Vegetarians so I would ring ahead to see if an alternative option could be provided, they have their normal a la carte menu running along side this one so I can't see why there would be a problem.

The company is a chain (sigh) but it is actually really nice and the restaurant they have in Nottingham has recently had a refurbishment. This means they have a completely new interior and they have expanded up one storey so it is now quite large too. The overall ambience is quiet relaxed but still intimate meaning there are couples, families and ladies who lunch here all the time. For dinner I would recommend booking a table as they are usually always full and at lunch they do not take bookings so there is usually a large queue outside waiting for it to open everyday!

First course: I chose the Mushroom, Roast Butternut Squash and Sage risotto. This came paired with a small glass of Samur Blanc, a very nice light white wine with a slight citrus taste. The risotto was the perfect portion in a creamy sauce and the mushrooms were amazing.
Main Course: Slow Cooked Shoulder of Lamb with lemon, green herb and garlic butter and a chorizo, plum tomato, bacon and flageolet bean cassoulet. This dish came paired with a Pinot Noir. Unfortunately, I very much enjoy red wine and this one was not good. I returned the original glasses and asked for a fresh bottle but it was pretty much the same and had a slight acidic taste and off smell. Not enjoyable. 

But the food was delicious. A huge portion that I could not finish; the meat was slightly dry but pulled a part fabulously and the dressing was delightful
With all of their main courses you can choose which sides you would like to accompany your dish. We choose vegetables and dauphinoise potatoes which were deliciously cooked, not too  soft however, I have had better potatoes their before. All in all as I said I could not finish this course as it was just too much but I managed to save a little room for dessert! 
I chose the Cheeseboard served with Quinta Do Crasto Port as I hadn't ever tried Port and was feeling adventurous. After the main there was also no way I could have eaten the gooey Chocolate Torte, however my boyfriend ordered this and I couldn't help but snap a picture as it looked amazing served with Pouring Chocolate and Blackcurrant Ice Cream. His also came with a glass of French Dessert Wine which, after a little taste by moi, I agreed it paired perfectly with the chocolate and wasn't too sweet.
I can't speak for experiences in other restaurants of this brand as I have only been to the Nottingham one, but I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a rich, French dish and a relaxed environment. After dining here multiple times I would advise to book on a quiet night as there is definitely a lower quality of food on the busy evenings. We both enjoyed the Dine with Wine menu but will probably not choose it again.

Let me know if you have ever been to Le Bistrot Pierre and what you thought! xx

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