Dinner, Drinks and a Movie - Yamas, Nottingham


Yamas, 5 Thurland Street, Nottingham NG1 3DR - (0115) 950 1000

Yamas in Nottingham is a beloved restaurant that I have been to many of times yet I think is still a hidden gem in the city centre.  It is a Mediterranean Meze and Tapas restaurant that is independently owned by a Greek gentleman who also works there serving tables and being the perfect host. None of the dishes are expensive and they also have set menus for larger groups or new customers who aren't sure what to order.

We got there early at 6pm to have a meal before going to see the new film 'Lucy'. It was pretty quiet but picked up by the time we were leaving. Starting the night with a bottle of Beaujolais, not very Mediterranean but I love red wine, we looked over the menu and chose around 3/4 dishes each to order.

And we are never disappointed by what we get! Salmon and Prawns in a creamy tomato sauce and Lamb Tagine with Apricots.

A huge bowl of Greek Salad - red onion, tomatoes, feta cheese, black olives, cucumber and rocket. 

Our favourite dish of Octopus! We always order this as it is so nice and not at all rubbery, served in a tomato sauce.

Giant Butter Beans and Saffron Rice. 

Chorizo with peppers and onions. 

And to finish...who can resist dessert! The menu is very Greek and rich and so are the desserts. The options are limited but with something for everyone from Yoghurt and Honey to Chocolate Fudge Cake and Cheesecake to traditional Baklava - layers of filo pastry and almonds drizzled with honey.

We drank our wine, had good conversation (if you have seen my Twitter you will also have heard about a terrible YouTube viewer!) and at the end were offered complimentary shots of Amaretto or Sambuca. We both chose Amaretto (which we always do when they give us these options) and were given a pleasant farewell and handshake at the door.

I recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for intimate or casual dining that has a great atmosphere and even better food.

Let me know if any of you decide to go or have been anywhere similar I can try! xx


  1. yum... all the food looks delicious =)

    1. Thank you. If you're ever in Nottingham you should go :-)



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