What I'm Loving ... All New Kindle Fire HD 7"


I recently got given the All New Kindle Fire HD for my 21st birthday off my boyfriend. I haven't been able to put it down since! From checking Blog Lovin' to catching up on Nashville, I have been on this pretty much every spare minute I have. My phone is no longer glued to my hand instead my Kindle is. I didn't think I needed a tablet of any kind but oh how my views have now changed. I can do so much with this and to be honest the last thing I do on it is read books. I am much a more of a hard copy book kind of girl but I do have a few reads on here that are being saved for those days where a book isn't to hand. It charges fast and the battery lasts ages even when I am using it for 5 hours straight watching videos and tweeting on my days off from work (or in-between). 

If you have been contemplating getting a Kindle or tablet I would definitely recommend this one. I purchased the Origami Case from Amazon here in the colour Orchid and you get loads of discounts because it is an Amazon device. I have also taken advantage of their Prime subscription, a little like Netflix but with the added bonus of a free book of your choice per month and next day delivery on certain items on the Amazon website. They have so many TV series and films that it is also perfect for people travelling as you can download them and watch them whenever you want to without an internet connection.

The case is magnetic and folds to either hold up the Kindle portrait or landscape and can also fold back so it is out of the way when you are holding it. It comes in many colours and I love the deep pink shade I got mine in (the colour isn't really showing well as the pictures were taken in artificial light but trust me you will not be disappointed, just look on the website too). This model doesn't have a camera so isn't the best for those of you who like to Skype but if you aren't fussed by that, like me, then this is the one for you.

Let me know if you have this or something else similar xx

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