Adding a Splash of Colour


After living in dark jumpers, jeans and chelsea boots I have invested in some colourful clothes for the Spring and Summer. Excuse the blurred photo but the camera didn't seem to like to focus on these gorgeous tops so lets pretend they are meant to look like that. These lovelies are from French Connection and I may have to return and buy some more. As soon as I went into the store I was excited to be shopping and instantly wanted some bright clothes to wear in this, erm, miserable dull weather?! The sun seems to have come and gone but these clothes are staying out. The pink jumper was is a soft knit that isn't too heavy and is perfect for those summer evenings - it retails at £49 but is on sale at £29 (bargain!). The orange top is three quarter sleeved and has a little collar to make it even cuter - it retails at £32 but don't forget if you're a student you get 15% off! Let me know what summer clothes you have been picking up in the comments below xx

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  1. Love your blog! By the way - adding a 'Follow' link for blogger might help you gain more followers - I found your blog on Bloglovin but I'd like to follow your blog in Blogger because I like it more :) but nice blog!


    1. Thank you for liking my Blog! I have added the subscribe button now too :-)



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