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 I am not usually a fan of buffet or all you can eat restaurants but as soon as a new one opens I like to at least try it once before never returning! Cosmo Authentic World Kitchen is a Pan Asia World Banquet style buffet restaurant meaning they have food from all over the world in different sections throughout the restaurant, so there should be something for everyone. Cosmo's philosophy is to offer casual dining with a banquet of freshly prepared food in stunning restaurants (according to their website). They first launched in 2003 with their first restaurant in Eastbourne and over the years have introduced Sushi and Teppanyaki, Live Cooking and Global Cuisine after establishing their brand and opening their first branded restaurant of the chain in 2008.

The Cosmo in Nottingham has only been open a month or two and I thought what better time to try it then straight away! After finishing University and having to say goodbye to a friend who was going back home a group of us thought we would visit Cosmo as a farewell dinner and also an opportunity for me to blog and review the place!

It is tucked away through a door and up some stairs on Milton Street in the city centre, upon entering you are immediately aware of how glam they have tried to make a buffet restaurant - much better then a rushed cheap eatery that you do not feel comfortable in (I won't mention where I am thinking of). Inside the theme is bright lights with slate grey walls and floor and satin booths with diamante style buttons - very Footballers Wives I personally think. Sometimes it can all just be a bit too much!
The food is sectioned into different cuisines with live cooking in different parts for example fresh cooked pasta or Teppanyaki. There is Italian, Indian, British, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican and Greek...there could be more but there is a lot of food to put it simply. I saw rice, noodles, fried chicken, sushi, roast pork, curry and even pizza - the list is endless.

I made my way around the buffet trying a few new things and drooling at the selection of desserts. I have never been to a buffet restaurant that has "grown up" desserts as well as the usual ice cream machine for children. At Cosmo you have gelato, creme brûlée and apple crumble to name a few but there is also a kids station with the ice cream machine and sweets for toppings. Oh and the flavours of the gelato are heavenly; vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee, hazelnut, chocolate chip, coconut and pistachio! I had coffee and hazelnut which are amazing and full of flavour.

Unlimited soft drinks and amazing cocktails... I didn't have high expectations for my Margarita when I ordered it but was so surprised when it arrived and was probably one of then best one's I have ever had, so good in fact I had two...maybe three! Prices are also really reasonable with the evening buffet being between £13.99 and £15.99 and cocktails only around £5 it will not burn a hole in your pocket at all.

Although I am still not a converted buffet or world dining restaurant lover I wouldn't close the door on Cosmo forever as I definitely did like the food even if the decor was a bit over the top. As it is a new restaurant you can tell the staff are inexperienced and are loving their walkie talkie and ear pieces which they like to listen to more than the customers at times. If you are in Nottingham and want something along the lines of quick and buffet style I would definitely recommend this one over the others though as it seems to be the best so far. Maybe I will revisit again in the future to see if it changes at all.

Let me know if you have been yet or if you have suggestions for other buffet style restaurants I should try! x

Cosmo Nottingham, Trinity Square, 29A Milton Street NG1 3EN Tel: (0115) 9507755
Twitter: CosmoNottingham


  1. We had one of these in Coventry and it was my FAVOURITE. Inexperienced staff listening to their ear pieces isn't great as a new restaurant though :\

    Em x

    1. It was good food but the service was lacking haha



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