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I was recently contacted by Good Times Homestore to review one of their handmade soaps. The blogger in us all cannot resist a good smelling bath product (am I right?) and so I couldn't help but instantly browse their website to decide which soap I would like to try. 

I went for their Rose Geranium and Pink Clay bar which looked so pretty online and the ingredients had me craving to smell it straight away. It arrived only a week or two later and I was not disappointed by it at all. Their soaps are all hand made and only include good things - here is the list of ingredients for the one I received;

Sodium Olivate - basically the salts of fatty acids from Olive Oil 
Water (no surprise there)
Sodium Cocoate - the salts of fatty acids from Coconut Oil
Sodium Shea Butterate - the salts of fatty acids from Shea Butter
Kaolin and Red Iron Oxide - Pink Clay
Pelargonium Graveolens - Rose Geranium
Essential Oil
GSE Citrus Grandis Seed Extract - Grapefruit

As you can see, no artificial products are used and the soap has an amazing rose smell and cleansing feel on the skin. To me it smells just like Rose Turkish Delight and even though I am not the biggest of fans of Turkish Delight I definitely like the smell of this! 

Other soaps they make include Rosemary and French Green Clay, Mandarin and Kaolin Clay and Sandalwood and Rhassoul Clay and they are all £6.00 RRP. I would recommend the Rosemary soap for the relief of muscle tension and Mandarin soap for a morning pick me up - although I haven't tried these ones just yet! 

Let me know if you have tried their soaps or any of their other products! xx

This soap was sent to me as a gift but all opinions are my own.

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